You Will Not Know These Benefits Of Cardamom, Read It Quickly

All of you are warmly welcomed in this issue of today. After every Indian meal, give cardamom, cardamom to your guests. Do you know why? Because cardamom is a natural element that helps digest food. It also reduces irritation of the throat and stomach, as well as reduces the inflammation within the stomach. Cardamom is the problem of gas, acidity, and stomach abdomen. Because of the cold many times a lot of pain occurs in the throat, and weird sore.इलायची के ये फायदे नही जानते होंगे आप, जल्दी पढ़ें

The most popular way to fix this is cardamom. Chest the stomach in the morning and chew 1-2 cardamom before sleeping. Then drink lukewarm water. Throat will get relief in a short time. Cardamom warms, which consumes heat in the body and provides relief from cold cough. The problem of cough is also eliminated. The person suddenly starts hiccups. There is no medicine for this. Some can be stopped by nature. Many times it is frequent for a long time, causing trouble. To stop this, you have to press 1 cardamom in BS.

Keep chewing it, the hiccup will disappear in a while. Cardamom also has the ability to control blood pressure, it contains potassium, fiber that controls blood pressure. The patient should eat cardamom after eating it. After consuming cardamom, the enzyme is activated in the body due to which the digestive system is strengthened and helps to digested food. Due to the consumption of cardamom, indigestion, Get rid of disease like gas and constipation.



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