If You Have To Stay Fresh Every Morning, Then Surely These Solutions

हर सुबह फ्रेश रहना है तो जरूर करें ये उपाय

Friends have a saying that in the early morning, whose face did not see the face of the day is going bad all day. But friends, if you think so, you are thinking very wrong. There will not be any such morning in the morning that you have not seen your face in the morning. Friends, your day is in your hands. If you are good in the morning, then the day will also be good. So, in this post of friends, we are telling you such solutions, after which you will feel free to do so every morning. So let’s know about these solutions.

This is what you have to do every day: –

Location of sleeping: – Friends are the most important for a good morning that your night’s sleep is good. Friends should take care of certain things for the good night’s sleep. Your sleeping room should be clean and airy. Clean and cold breathing makes your body feel light. It gives you good sleep and removes your fatigue completely and your digestion is also done properly. Friends, if possible, you must wear a light-colored cotton sheet on your bed. Doing so will make you feel very relaxed. Your mind and body will be comforted. If possible, then sprinkle a little light fragrance perfume such as rose and levender etc. on the pillow. If you put an alarm in the morning, then you should keep in mind that the sound of the alarm is very sharp and not raucous. If you are sleeping in deep sleep in the morning, suddenly the alarm starts to sound. From which you get up from the quarters. Your heart beats such a fast as the heart attack has arrived. Friends, you start feeling irritable since morning. Friends, if you have to set up an alarm in the morning, then you can put a ringtone that has been a slow pace or a lovely song. Unnatural voices like hobby or hymn etc. can also be used. Your room is dark so that your mind can be in the position of sleeping gold. The room is not too cold or hot.

Dinner: – Friends, you have to always take care of that, that your dinner is light. Your food should not be over-loaded. You can not digest more roasted food properly, so when you wake up in the morning you feel like heavyness and gas, you should take a little stroke by eating food. Before sleeping, you can drink a light warm milk, so that you get a good night’s sleep.

Keep in mind while sleeping: – Friends, everyone happens that while sleeping, the movie of all the events begins to start in the brain, and at the same time with its problems, it is difficult to stop the mind, but control is also in his hands. . We can control it. By forgetting friends who have passed, you plan your next few days instead of your mind. You remember God. Think good things. Combine optimistic thoughts and take a deep breath and stop tan.

Lying straight at the time of sleeping or taking a stroll: – According to Ayurveda, your sun nodding begins to lie down with a bribe, which causes the digestion process to accelerate and if you sleep on the belly and sleep, then the digestive system is interrupted. The result is that when you wake up in the morning you feel tired, so friends definitely change the habit of sleeping on your stomach.

Bathrooms: – Friends, we must take bath in the evening. Bathing in the evening relaxes the mind and heart. After coming from the office, after a little rest, take a bath and get refreshed. After eating, the digestion process is slow due to the bath, so do not do this. After a few hours, take bath. Friends, everyone knows if the benefits of bath after getting up in the morning, but have you ever used this experiment to wake up from 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning and if you are fresh, then you find that the freshness of freshness Is filled.

Morning Walk or Yoga: – Most people seem to be getting up early in the morning. Who comes to roam on it, this question comes in the mind of every person many times in the morning. Friends, it’s fun when people go to roam in the morning or do yoga by washing their hands. Friends, if you follow it regularly for a few days you will also find that those who sing these qualities do not lie. Morning Walkout should not be. You breathe in the fresh air of more than 1 to 2 kilometers in the morning. Walking with the fastest step provides the right amount of oxygen to the brain. The brain works well throughout the day by walking fast.

Breakfast of the morning: – Friends, you must drink two to three glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. You drink lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey in warm hot water and drink. This reduces your obesity and exits the toxic elements from the body. You should not do this for more than a month. Friends, if you like to drink tea in the morning, you can drink green tea or drink it without mixing lemon juice in milk tea and friends. If you like to drink tea from Indian style, then drink ginger and drink sweet sweet tea. Friends, you must definitely eat sprouts like gram, sprouted moong, porridge, fruit juice, jackfruit, dried fruits, curd shake or any other type of sprouts in the morning breakfast. It is a very good option for friends to drink lemonade. Such a breakfast gives you the right nutrition and active mind status with strength.

After rising in the morning: – After drinking water in the morning, drink water and go to some open place for a while. Doing this will make your stomach easily clean. Fresh noise will ease and will get refreshing. Friends, morning reading is not considered good for eyes. Alongside, reading political news around the world gives negative thoughts. So you can stop reading a little while after breakfast and read the paper.

Sleep: Friends, we need sleep, because we want to get rid of mental physical stress throughout the day. Friends, if you do not do physical activity all day, then your digestive system will not work properly. So you will not get good sleep. Friends are good at reading a good book while sleeping. But you should take care that you avoid escaping suspense, espionage or cheap literature at night. By doing this, you will think the same way and dreams too.


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