You Sleep Daily Wrongly

आप रोज़ गलत तरीके से सोते हो

Nowadays, in this busy and busy life, people look very depressed towards their sleep. For a healthy body the person must take at least 6 hours of sleep. Apart from this, there are many people present in the world, who sleep more than 6 hours but they do not know the correct way of sleep, due to which there is a negative impact on their health. Therefore, in today’s post we are going to tell you the right way to sleep.

What is The Right Way To Sleep?

For a healthy body we must take adequate sleep daily. Also, while sleeping, we also need to sleep in the right position, so that its positive effects can fall on our body. According to Ayurveda, we should always sleep with a beating on the left, as you all know that the pancreatic remains in the body on the left side. Therefore, when we sleep on the left side, then the food passes easily through the stomach due to the gravitational pull, due to which our digestive system also works smoothly and we are able to sleep easily.

Apart from this, when a person starts to sleep on the right side, it has to face digestive problems. Therefore, you always go to sleep on the left side.



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